Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the honeybees. Feral honeybees are


in danger of extinction and this is endangering the world's resources. Feral honeybees pollinate much of the world's edible plants.

The AHBPA and CTBR work with landowners, renters, and other people who have an unwanted bee population on their property. Sometimes they live in walls of houses, in trees, under porches... We remove the bees without destroying them and bring them to an apiary. There we rehabilitate them and allow to them do what they love to do - make honey!

We also places bees on properties that are interested in helping revitalize their flora and fauna. We have provided the W Hotel in Austin, Texas with a rooftop apiary, and they are also using the honey at their restaurant, in their bar (in specialty drinks) and in their spa treatments.

Educating the public about bees is part of our mission. We offer classes and private lessons in beekeeping. We have been the featured speaker at schools, libraries and gatherings of people who are concerned with the environment, health and natural foods.

CTBR is also active in enacting legislation that will help keep the honeybees alive such as the ordinance the Austin City Council passed reflecting the importance of feral honey bees and instructing pest control businesses to prioritize the removal and relocation of wild or abandoned bees over destruction.

Priority is given to emergency situations, such as situations involving children, the elderly, and people who are allergic to bee stings.

For more information call 512.479.3434
or email info@ahbpa.org